Hi, I'm Johnny.

I make computer games and things for the web. I write lots of code, am a fitness and travel geek, love amazing beer and food, and live in downtown Boston.

I'm obsessed with code standards, accessibility, and rock-solid user experience.

I took down my full site since it was grossly outdated and, frankly, sort of meh. In lieu of my site, though, scroll down for some stuff you can go do:

Check out my LinkedIn.

Play Game of Thrones: Ascent, which is a game I work on at Disruptor Beam, a social games studio that nails it.

Visit and donate to AbleGamers, a foundation that supports disabled gamers, where I'm Director of Industry Outreach.

Follow me on Twitter, if you don't mind that I tweet, like, twice a month.

Email me really boring job openings for things like corporate ColdFusion app development that I will ignore at john at thejohnshow dot com.